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Tisa's Barefoot Bar Pago Pago American Samoa

PO Box 3576 (Alega) Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
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Tisa's Barefoot Bar Pago Pago American Samoa, opened in April of 1989. It consisted of a fale without walls and no doors. It's 200 square feet of sand floor was big enough for one bartender (Tisa), a shelf of cold beer in a small cooler and room for 5 customers. Tisa's design priority was to have a clear view of the ocean and the dolphins swimming at high tide off the reef a few hundred yards away.
Tisa's Barefoot Bar Pago Pago American Samoa
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Tisa's Beach Fale is a true eco-experience. It sleeps up to four people in a true tropical experience. The high thatched roof keeps the heat away during the day, and the mosquito nets keep the pests away at night. The fale's kava deck, overhanging high above the beach, provides a unique, quiet place to watch nature, and marine life interact. Gaze into starry and moonlit nights, from the comfort of your bed. Tropical showers under the stars, is one of the highlights of your eco-friendly experience at Tisa's.
Dining: A unique experience! They specialize in Samoan Seafood. They usually have grilled fish and prawns or octopus and lobster dipped in burnt coconut sauce, and served with local starch of breadfruit or taro and fresh local squash. They highly recommend reservations, since everything they serve is fresh. The chef has also been known to whip up increadible appetizers upon request. And, of course, if you manage to catch a lobster during your guided snorkeling tour, the chef will help you reap the rewards of your hard work!
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Tisa's Barefoot Bar Pago Pago American Samoa - bar Tisa's Barefoot Bar Pago Pago American Samoa - bar Tisa's Barefoot Bar Pago Pago American Samoa - grill

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