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Fennel Resort Taiwan

No. 1-16, Damei Rd., Checheng Villege,Pingtung Canton
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Fennel Resort Taiwan, Club owners from Hsinchu, through the knowledge of the local Paiwan wife, while in Sichongxi roots and opened a romantic style Fennel Resort. Have such a style Spa Resort, the main hall is an ideal realization that whenever a small shop decorations, corner of the design space, and the overall sense of design to be rendered, a former boss for advertising are conceived, the hostess also park planted a lot of fennel (homecoming), Fennel was born in a dual language consent .

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Pastoral Honeymoon Suite Double
Accommodation Landscaped spa suites and detached spa cabins, each room have a dedicated hot-spring baths, allowing you to warm spring soup tub and enjoy the distant mountain Rebellion, feel comfortable and relaxed holiday. Each room has a hot spring green vision, happiness wells up. Paiwan descent hostess and a pair of hands, parks everywhere Her installations jewelry, each piece is good as people love.

Starlight Family Quad Room
Warm tone of the room, a kind of simplicity bright, warm feeling, even outside of the living room is also deliberately create a homely comfort. Design of the spindle to the Mediterranean Greek style, but loved the design of the ground hostess, all hand-made, very cleverly decorated in which aboriginal added and arranged so that the whole is more abundant.

Riverside Single Double Cabin
Hall hostess their Aboriginal artistic talent, personally designed or elegant, or lazy, or a romantic atmosphere. Open the window and door, verdant mountains beautiful scenery greets, just lying on the bed of the house, watching the scenery pleasant, happy feeling arose spontaneously. House with viewing slot spa bath.
Soup Luxury Housing
In Soup Luxury Housing there is a feeling of completely relaxed, by providing massage at the SPA pool, we also provide rattan chairs and leisure moment for your next hot baptism.

Children's Paddling Pool
Part of children's paddling pool with water dance-like step-by-step dry waterfall, the water was very large, so the kids may not feel bored until the end of the day.

Love Sea Water Therapy Pool
View of the water therapy pool of Fennel Resort.
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