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Weather in Malaysia

Malaysia weather is characterized by its hot, humid tropical conditions, with abundant amounts of equatorial influences due to the country’s positioning near the equator. This amalgam of patterns, have an immense influence on the disposition of weather in Malaysia, causing conditions to be hot and humid throughout the year.

Malaysia weather experiences two distinct monsoon wind seasons, the first between October and February and the other beginning in April right through to October; the second is characterized by heavy thunderstorms. Days are very warm and often humid, while nights are fairly cool. The major showery season in the east continues between November and February, while the month of August is the wettest time on the west coast.

Temperatures and humidity levels are high all year round, but the mountainous regions are slightly cooler. Average daily temperatures in Kuala Lumpur are around 27°C all through the year. The peninsular of Malaysia receives on average 2500 mm of precipitation annually and the East coast of Malaysia flourishes in 5080 mm of rainfall per year.

Weather in Malaysia varies greatly between the Peninsula and the East, as the conditions on the peninsula are directly affected by winds blowing in from the mainland, as opposed to the more maritime weather of the East. El Nino effects Malaysia weather, which results to reduced rainfall during the dry season, and increasing sea levels and rainfall, escalating the risk of flooding.

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