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Brunei Mangrove Safari
Brunei Oilfield - Tours
Seria is the heart of the oil industry in Brunei, and also the site of the first commercial onshore oilfield discovered in Brunei. The town sits atop the Seria Field, which was discovered in 1929 and has been continuously in production since then with the exception of short periods after the Japanese invasion and Allied liberation of Brunei in the Second World War. There are numerous nodding donkeys in and around the town and this has become the unofficial symbol of the town.
Billionth Barrel Monument
Billionth Barrel Monument
The majestic Billionth Barrel Monument was constructed in 1991 and possesses its own significance, which is to commemorate the one-billionth barrel of crude oil production from the prolific Seria-1 field well. The monument was built close to Seria-1, which was the first commercially viable oil well to be drilled, in 1929. In fact, the whole country has not looked back since the drilling of Seria-1.
The petroleum produced is processed onshore in and around Seria and the majority of it is exported. Some of the oil is refined at the refinery in Seria for local consumption. Natural Gas from the fields is sent to the Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (BLNG) in Lumut where it is cooled and liquefied. This is exported via tankers - mainly to Japan and Korea.
Sungai Liang Forest Reserve

Sungai Liang Forest Reserve
Sungai Liang Forest Reserve
Hilights of the tour:- Sungai Liang Forest Reserve, Luagan Lalak Forest Recreational Park, Labi Iban Longhouse We will pick you up from your hotel and proceed on a scenic drive passing through the country side and Tutong town to reach the Sungai Liang Forest Reserve. Our first stop will be the Sungai Liang Forest Resreve where you can learn about the history of forest conservation activities of the country and also witness many preserved local fauna specimens collections. After that, we will proceed to the Forest Reserve and go on a guided easy nature trek in the forest reserve to see the various plants of the tropical rain forest and their different usage to the local community of Borneo.

You will also be amazed by the unique natural orchestra of the rainforest performed by the tiny residents of the rain forest the cicadas. We will then proceed to another unique nature oasis of Brunei – Luagan Lalak Recreational Park which is located around 25 km away.

The park covers some 270 ha within the Labi Hill Forest Reserve. It is a unique place featuring a rare alluvial fresh water swamp which offers a beautiful place for a picnic lunch by the lake. It is also a transit place for many migratory water bird species. After lunch, we will proceed to visit an Iban Longhouse. The Iban or “Sea Dayaks” are the once feared head hunter of Borneo. You will be able to observe and learn about the unique lifestyle of the “Ibans” living in a longhouse which is actually the whole village under one roof. You will be taken on a guided tour of the longhouse by our guide and mingle with the dwellers of the longhouse. Your tour ends with drop-off at your hotel.
The Oil & Gas Discovery Centre

The Oil & Gas Discovery Centre
The Oil & Gas Discovery Centre
The Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) symbolises the long-term commitment of Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) towards sustainable development of Brunei Darussalam and its people. Situated at the open field of the oil town Seria, OGDC has emerged as another landmark in Brunei that serves both educational and recreational purposes since it was inaugurated by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam on September 14th, 2002.

OGDC introduces visitors to the world of science and engineering, to promote environmental awareness and highlight the necessity of nature conservation.

OGDC strives to promote fun education to enrich visitor’s knowledge while they explore the seven galleries that showcases over 100 exhibits that covers multi-facets of science such as the development of hydrocarbons as well as the oil and gas industry in Brunei.

As a science-based interactive centre, OGDC caters diversified interests of the young to the not-so-young visitors hence creating conducive environment for a family outing.

In the international arena, OGDC is affiliated with Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology (ASPAC) and Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), which enable ‘Friends of OGDC’ to visit registered science centres worldwide.

Our friendly guides will help the visitors to gain as much information and knowledge to ensure your visit to OGDC a fruitful experience.

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