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Brunei Mangrove Safari

Brunei Mangrove Safari

Brunei Mangrove Eco Tours
Brunei Mangrove Safari - Tours
Comfortable boats provide transport along the deep channels that flow amongst the mangrove islands. Engine off and paddle, or just drift with the current, watching for wildlife.

Early morning and late evening are the best times to find the natural inhabitants active and visible. These are times when insects and other small prey are also active and this attracts the resident birds to emerge at the edge of waterways and clearings. It's also cooler at these times so it's more comfortable to be out exploring.

Our 6 am boat departure to Selirong Island Reserve give visitors an experience of dawn over Brunei Bay. An early arrival at Selirong Island gives the best opportunity to see the local inhabitants.

Low or high tide there is always activity. The birds and animals adjust their foraging and hunting activities depending on the water level.

Our 5 pm boat departure for the Mangrove Safari, upstream of Bandar Seri Begawan, allows visitors to explore the mangrove channels as the sun drops lower in the sky, cool shadows spread across the water, and the local inhabitants become active. Each day is different.

At Selirong Island in Brunei Bay, the Brunei Forestry Department has installed two kilometers of elevated walkways through the mangroves. An observation tower gives a clear view onto the tops of the surrounding mangrove trees.

The walks at Selirong can be broken into two sections as a channel gives boat access to the walkway half way across the island. At low tide the mangrove mud is exposed below the walkways where mud skippers, crabs, monitor lizards, wading birds and more can be seen. The deep channels are home to fish, crabs, shrimps, prawns, cockles and barnacles.

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