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Favorite Cities in the Colombia Bogota Colombia Why choose SeatHolidays
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Alphabetical List of Hotels in the Colombia
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Recommended Bogota Hotels & Resorts
104 Art Suites Hotel

104 Art Suites Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Bogota Plaza Hotel

Bogota Plaza Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Cabrera Imperial Hotel

Cabrera Imperial Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Club House Bogota Colombia

Club House Bogota

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
De La Opera Hotel Colombia

De La Opera Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Grand House Hotel

Grand House Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Hacienda Royal Hotel

Hacienda Royal Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Hotel Jw Marriott Bogota

Hotel Jw Marriott Bogota

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
La Fontana Estelar Hotel

La Fontana Estelar Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Pavillon Royal Hotel

Pavillon Royal Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Alphabetical Listing of Hotels and Resorts in Bogota

Bogota is the capital, and largest city, of Colombia. It is also designated by the national constitution as the capital of the department of Cundinamarca, even though the city of Bogotá now comprises an independent Capital district and no longer belongs administratively to that department. Bogotá is the most populous city in the country, with 7,363,782 inhabitants as of 2005. Bogotá and its metropolitan area, which includes municipalities such as Chía, Cota, Soacha, Cajicá and La Calera, had a population of 7,881,156 in 2005.

In terms of land area, Bogotá is the largest city in Colombia, and one of the biggest in Latin America. It figures amongst the thirty largest cities of the world and it is the third-highest capital city in South America at 2,625 metres (8,612 ft) above sea level, after Quito and La Paz. With its many universities and libraries, Bogotá has become known as "The Athens of South America". Bogotá owns the largest moorland of the world, which is located in the Sumapaz Locality. The city ranked 54th in the 2010 Global Cities Index and is listed as global city of the Beta+ kind by the GaWC.


Bogotá is located on the west of the Savannah of Bogotá (Sabana de Bogotá), 2640 metres (8661 ft) above sea level. Although it is located in what is popularly called "savannah", the geographical site is actually a high plateau in the Andes mountains. The extended region is also known as "Altiplano Cundiboyacense" which literally means "high plateau of Cundinamarca and Boyacá".

The Bogotá River crosses the "sabana", forming Tequendama Falls (Salto de Tequendama) to the south. Tributary rivers form valleys with flourishing villages, whose economy is based on agriculture, livestock raising and artisanal production.
Bogota Hotels and Resorts
Hotel Name Location Category Rates From Reserve Now
104 Art Suites Hotel Colombia Carrera 18 A 104-77 Special rates
116 Hotel Colombia Calle 116 no. 18b - 60 Special rates
Abitare56 Hotel Colombia Calle 56 # 7-79 BOGOTA Special rates
Alameda Hotel Colombia Carrera 13 No 17-40 Special rates
Alma Boutique Hotel Bogota Colombia Carrera 5 57, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Aloft Bogota Airport Hotel Colombia Av Calle 26 N 92-32 Special rates
Andino Royal Hotel Colombia Calle 85 No 12-28 Santa Fe De Bogota Special rates
Apartamentos Estelar Hotel Colombia Av. 127 # 15A - 10, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Ar Hotel Salitre Hotel Colombia Avenida Carrera 60 N 22 99, Bogota, NA Special rates
Arlington Place Hotel Colombia Calle 109 nro. 19-51 Special rates
Avia 93 Hotel Colombia Calle 93 no 11a-31 Special rates
Belle Epoque Suites Boutique 94 Hotel Colombia Calle 94 a 21-42 Special rates
Best Western Plus 93 Park Hotel Colombia Calle 93 Numero 13-71 BOGOTA Special rates
Blue Suites Hotel Colombia CALLE 93 No. 17-48 Bogota Special rates
Bogota Marriott Hotel Colombia Av El Dorado Number 69b 53, Bogota Special rates
Bogota Plaza Hotel Colombia Calle 100 18A-30 Special rates
Bogota Royal Hotel Colombia Carrera 8 A 99 - 55 Bogota Special rates
Boheme Royal Hotel Colombia Calle 82 No 12 – 35 Special rates
Cabrera Imperial Hotel Colombia Calle 83 No 9 - 64 BOGOTA Special rates
Capital Hotel Colombia Avenida El Dorado No. 69 A-51 Int 2 Special rates
Casa 95 Hotel Colombia Calle 95 # 9-92, Bogota, 110221 Colombia Special rates
Casa Hotel Cabrera Colombia Avenida Carrera 9 Numero 117 A 15 Special rates
Casa Hotel Zuetana 119 Colombia Calle 119 Nº50-15 Special rates
Casa Real Hotel Colombia Calle 93a Nro 9a 53, Bogota, 53 Colombia Special rates
Casanovas Hotel Colombia Transversal 17a bis no. 36-60 Special rates
Caviar Hotel Colombia Cra 19 nro 39 a - 18 Special rates
Celebrities Suites Hotel Colombia Calle 74 No 10-33 Bogota, Cundinamarca Special rates
Charlies Place Hotel Colombia Cra. 8d no. 106-84 Special rates
Cite Hotel Colombia Carrera 15 No 88 - 10, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Club House Bogota Colombia CALLE 112 Num.13A-45 Bogota Special rates
Confort 80 Hotel Colombia Carrera 16a No 79-85 Bogota Special rates
Continental All Suites Hotel Colombia Avenida Jimenez 4-16, Bogota, 0000 Special rates
Corferias Inn Hotel Colombia C 24 D 40-76 BOGOTA Special rates
Cosmos 100 Hotel Colombia Calle 100 21a 41 Special rates
Cosmos Insignia Hotel Colombia Carrera 11B N 96-59 Special rates
Crowne Plaza Tequendama Bogota Colombia Carrerra 10 N 26-21 Special rates
Dann Centro Hotel Colombia Calle 19 5 72, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
De La Feria Estelar Hotel Colombia Avenida La Esperanza 44 - 31 Special rates
De La Opera Hotel Colombia Calle 10 # 5 - 72 Special rates
De La Ville Hotel Colombia Calle 100 No 13-55 Bogota, Cundinamarca Special rates
Egina Bogota Hotel Colombia Cra 14a 119-16 Special rates
El Campin Hotel Colombia Carrera 25 No 52 35 Galerias Bogota, Special rates
El Duque Centro Internacional Hotel Colombia Calle 23 N°9_38 Special rates
Embassy Suites Hotel Colombia Calle 70 No 6 22, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Excelsior Hotel Colombia CARRERA 14 No. 86A-96 Special rates
Ghl Comfort Belvedere Hotel Colombia Carrera 17a 100- 16 Special rates
Grand House Hotel Colombia Carrera 18 No 93-47 Special rates
Habitel hotel Colombia Av El Dorado 100 97, Bogota, 00000 Special rates
Hacienda Royal Hotel Colombia Calle 114 No 6A- 02 Bogota Special rates
Hamilton Court Hotel Colombia Carrera 14 No. 81-20, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Hilton Bogota Hotel Colombia Carrera 7a No. 72-41, Bogota, . Colombia Special rates
Holiday Inn Bogota Airport Hotel Colombia Avenida Calle 26 69d 91, Bogota, 00000 Special rates
Holiday Inn Express Bogota Hotel Colombia Calle 94 No.11a-12 Bogota Special rates
Hotel Andes Plaza Colombia North Chico Avenue 15 N. 100-11, 110010 Special rates
Hotel Augusta Colombia Av. Jimenez No4-77 Bogota Special rates
Hotel bh Tempo Colombia Carrera 7 No. 65-01, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Hotel Bogota Regency Colombia Cra 7 No 127-21, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Hotel Casa Medina Bogota Colombia Carrera 7 Numero 69a22, Bogota Special rates
Hotel Charleston Bogota Colombia Carrera 13 No 85-46, Bogota, 46 Colombia Special rates
Hotel Dann Carlton Bogota Colombia Calle 94 No 19 71, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Hotel Dann Norte Colombia Avenida 15 No 112-09, Bogota, 001 Special rates
Hotel Estelar Windsor House Colombia Calle 95 No 9-97, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Hotel Jw Marriott Bogota Colombia Calle 73 8-60 Bogota Special rates
Hotel La Font Colombia Cra 16 Nro. 86a Special rates
Hotel Muisca Colombia Calle 10 # 0 - 25/29 Este Special rates
Hotel Santa Barbara Real Colombia Calle 127 No 7-89, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Hotel Sonesta Bogota Colombia CARRERA 15A 125-26 Bogota Special rates
Hotel Zuetana 93 Colombia Carrera 18 N°93-15 Special rates
Hoteles America Hotel Colombia Calle 66 Nº 8 - 23 Bogotá Special rates
Howard Johnson Emaus Hotel Colombia Carrera 4 69a 46 Colombia, Bogota Special rates
Jazz Apartments Hotel Colombia Calle 87 15-35, Bogota, 110001 Colombia Special rates
La Fontana Estelar Hotel Colombia Avenida 127 21-10 Bogota, Cundinamarca Special rates
Lancaster House Hotel Colombia Autopista Norte No. 106B-28 Paralela Special rates
Le Manoir Hotel Colombia Calle 105 17 A 82 Special rates
Maria Isabel Bogota Hotel Colombia Ave 33 bis a, 15 - 05 Special rates
Matisse Hotel Colombia Calle 67 No 6-55 Special rates
Morrison Hotel Colombia Calle 84 Bis No.13-54, Bogota, 350196 Special rates
MS Oceania Colombia Hotel Colombia Carrera 13 no. 24 a 48 Special rates
NH Parque de la 93 Hotel Colombia CALLE 93 12-41 Bogota Special rates
Nico Apartasuites Hotel Colombia CALLE 68 4-62 Bogota Special rates
Parque 97 Suites Hotel Colombia Calle 97, 19 - 15 Special rates
Pavillon Royal Hotel Colombia Carrera 11A No. 93B - 50 Special rates
Porton Bogota Hotel Colombia Calle 84 7-55 Special rates
Radisson Royal Bogota Hotel Colombia Calle 114 9-65 Teleport Business Park Special rates
Retiro 84 Hotel Colombia Calle 84 No. 9-95, Bogota 11001 Special rates
RoyalPark Metrotel Hotel Colombia Calle 74 No 13-27 Special rates
San Francisco Hotel Bogota Colombia Carrera 10 No. 23-63 Special rates
San Pablo Hotel Colombia Avenida el Dorado Calle 26 No. 38 A 11 Special rates
Santafe Boutique Hotel Colombia AV. PEPE SIERRA CALLE 116 15-64 Bogota Special rates
Sheraton Bogota Hotel Colombia Calle 25b, 69c-80 Special rates
Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia Hotel Colombia Carrera 13 No 85-80, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Suite Jones Estelar Hotel Colombia Calle 61 No 5 39, Bogota, 00000 Colombia Special rates
Suites 101 Park House Hotel Colombia Transversal 21 101-10, Bogota, Colombia Special rates
Suites 108 Hotel Colombia Calle 108 No 16-05 Special rates
Suites Lugano Imperial Hotel Colombia Calle 70 A N° 7-62 Bogota Special rates
Suites Richmond Suites Hotel Colombia Calle 93 Nº 18-8 Bogota Special rates
Teusaquillo Boutique Hotel Colombia Transversal 18 A N° 37-52 Special rates
Tivoli Suites Hotel Colombia Carrera 17 No 109 a 67 Special rates
UrbanRoyal Calle 93B Hotel Colombia Calle 93B N°18 - 42 Special rates
Viaggio Dorms Hotel Colombia Transversal 4 No 43-95 BOGOTA Special rates
Viaggio Nueve Trez Hotel Colombia Tranversal Cr. 18 93A-60 BOGOTA Special rates

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