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Recommended Buenos Aires Hotels & Resorts
725 Continental Hotel

725 Continental Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"
Superior Room
USD 159.00
Abasto Hotel Argentina

Abasto Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"
Standard Room
USD 113.00
Alvear Palace Hotel

Alvear Palace Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Sheraton Park Tower

Sheraton Park Tower Buenos Aires Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Claridge Hotel Argentina

Claridge Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"
Standard Room
USD 122.00
Faena Hotel and Universe

Faena Hotel and Universe

"Great Deal in Town"

Special rates
Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"
Superior Room
USD 307.00
Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel

Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel

"Great Deal in Town"
Deluxe Room
USD 268.00
Hotel Madero Buenos Aires

Hotel Madero Buenos Aires

"Great Deal in Town"
Superior Room
USD 213.00
Marriott Plaza Hotel

Marriott Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires

"Great Deal in Town"
Luxury Room
USD 192.00
Alphabetical Listing of Hotels and Resorts in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America, after Greater Sao Paulo. It is located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata, on the southeastern coast of the South American continent. Greater Buenos Aires conurbation, which also includes several Buenos Aires Province districts, constitutes the third-largest conurbation in Latin America, with a population of around thirteen million.

The city of Buenos Aires is not a part of Buenos Aires Province, nor is it the Province's capital, but an autonomous district. In 1880, after decades of political infighting, Buenos Aires was federalised and removed from Buenos Aires Province. The city limits were enlarged to include the towns of Belgrano and Flores (both are currently neighborhoods of the city). The 1994 constitutional amendment granted the city autonomy, hence its formal name: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires). Its citizens first elected a Chief of Government (i.e. Mayor) in 1996; before, the Mayor was directly appointed by the President of the Republic.

People from Buenos Aires are referred to as porteños (people of the port). Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination, and is known for its European style architecture and rich cultural life, with the highest concentration of theatres in the world.
Buenos Aires Hotels and Resorts
Hotel Name Location Category Rates From Reserve Now
1551 Palermo Boutique Hotel Argentina Acuna de Figueroa 1551 | Palermo Soho Special rates
1555 Malabia House Hotel Argentina Malabia 1555, Buenos Aires, BA USD 149.00
1890 Hotel Boutique Argentina Salta 1074, Buenos Aires C1074AAV Special rates
248 Finisterra Hotel Boutique Argentino Baez 248, Buenos Aires, BA, C1426BRF Special rates
562 Nogaro Hotel Argentina Avenida Julio A Roca 562, Buenos Aires, USD 104.00
725 Continental Hotel Argentina Avenida Roque Saenz Pena 725, Buenos Aires, BA, C1035AAC, Argentina USD 159.00
A Hotel Argentina Azcuenaga 1268 | Recoleta, Buenos Aires Special rates
A&B Internacional Hotel Argentina Montevideo 248 Buenos Aires BA Special rates
Abasto Hotel Argentina Av. Corrientes 3190, Buenos Aires, BA USD 113.00
Aeroparque Inn & Suites Hotel Argentina Avenida Rafael Obligado 1221 USD 94.00
Al Porteno Hotel Argentina StarsTucuman 912, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, 1049 Argentina Special rates
Alma de Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Suipacha 536, Buenos Aires, 1008 Argentina Special rates
Alma del Plata Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Santiago del Estero 727, Buenos Aires, BA, C1075AAO, Argentina USD 62.00
Alvear Palace Hotel Argentina Av Alvear 1891 Special rates
Amerian Buenos Aires Park Hotel Argentina Reconquista 699 esq Viamonte, Buenos Aires, BA, C1003ABM, Argentina USD 111.00
America Del Sur Hostel Argentina CHACABUCO 718 Buenos Aires Special rates
America Plaza Hotel Argentina Bartolome Mitre 1744, Buenos Aires, BA, C1037ABH, Argentina USD 100.00
America Studios all suites Hotel Argentina Uruguay 847, Buenos Aires, 1015 Argentina Special rates
Americas Towers Hotel Argentina Libertad 1070, Buenos Aires, BA, C1012AAV, Argentina USD 100.00
Apart Cabildo Suites Hotel Argentina Avenida Cabildo 1950 Special rates
Apart Hotel & Spa Congreso Argentina Bartolome Mitre 1824, Buenos Aires, BA, 1039, Argentina USD 105.00
Appart Embassy Hotel Argentina Argentina Av Cordoba 860, Buenos Aires, 1054 Argentina Special rates
Arenales Apartments and Suites Hotel Argentina Arenales 1837; Caba; Cabrera 6054 Buenos Aires BA Special rates
Argenta Suites Belgrano Hotel Argentina Ciudad de la Paz 1868, Buenos Aires, C1428CPD Argentina ‎+65 6226 3310‎ Special rates
Argenta Tower Hotel Argentina Juncal 868, Buenos Aires, BA, C1062ABl, Argentina USD 96.00
Argentina Tango Hotel Argentina Suipacha 545 Buenos Aires Special rates
Art Deco Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Libertad 446, Buenos Aires, BA, C1012AAJ, Argentina USD 101.00
Aspen Square Hotel Argentina Thames 2313, CABA, Buenos Aires, C1425FIG Argentina Special rates
Aspen Suites Hotel Argentina Esmeralda 933, Buenos Aires, BA, C1007ABK, Argentina USD 102.00
Aspen Towers Hotel Argentina Paraguay 857, Buenos Aires, BA, C1057AAK, Argentina USD 105.00
Atenea Apartments and Suites Hotel Argentina Cabrera 6054, Buenos Aires, BA, 1414, Argentina USD 127.00
Atlas Tower Hotel Argentina Av. Corrientes 1778 Buenos Air Special rates
Aura Suites Boutique Hotel Argentina Honduras 3879 | Palermo Soho Special rates
Awwa Suites & Spa Hotel Argentina Lafinur 3370, Buenos Aires, BA, C1425FAJ, Argentina USD 183.00
Axel Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Venezuela 649, Buenos Aires, BA, C1095AAM, Argentina USD 72.00
Ayres de Libertad Hotel Argentina Libertad 1283, Buenos Aires, BA, 1125, Argentina USD 209.00
Ayres de Recoleta Hotel Argentina Jose E. Uriburu 1756, Buenos Aires, BA, c1114aat, Argentina USD 213.00
BA City Residencial Hotel Argentina Besares 1840, Buenos Aires, BA, 1429, Argentina USD 124.00
Babel Hotel Argentina Balcarce 946 Buenos Aires Special rates
Baucis Boutique Hotel Palermo Argentina angel justiniano carranza 1608, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires, 1414 Argentina Special rates
Bauen Suite Hotel Argentina Av Corrientes 1856, Buenos Aires, 1045 Argentina Special rates
Be Hollywood Hotel Argentina Humboldt 1726, Buenos Aires, BA, 1414, Argentina USD 185.00
Bed & Breakfast Bonito Buenos Aires, San Telmo Av. Garay 458, Buenos Aires, 1153 Argentina Special rates
Bel Air Hotel Argentina Arenales 1462 CP., Buenos Aires, BA, C1061AAO, Argentina USD 154.00
Best Western Central Hotel Argentina Junin 357, Buenos Aires, BA, Argentina, Argentina USD 106.00
Bisonte Palace Hotel Argentina Marcelo T. de Alvear 910, Esq. Suipacha Buenos Aires Special rates
Blue Soho Hotel Argentina El Salvador 4735, Buenos Aires, BA, 1414, Argentina USD 103.00
Bohemia Buenos Aires Hotel Boutique Argentina Peru 845, Buenos Aires, BA, 1067, Argentina USD 92.00
Broadway Hotel & Suites Argentina Av. Corrientes 1173 Buenos Aires Special rates
Buenos Aires cE Hotel Design Argentina Marcelo T. De Alvear 1695 Special rates
Bys Palermo Hotel Argentina Fco. Acuna de Figueroa 1263, Buenos Aires, C1180AAW Argentina Special rates
Caesar Park Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina StarsPosadas 1232, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, C1011ABF Argentina Special rates
Caesar Park Silver Obelisco Hotel Argentina Cerrito 330, Buenos Aires, C1010AAH Argentina Special rates
Cahuel Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Pringles 1286, Palermo, Buenos Aires, C1183AEX Argentina Special rates
Callao Plaza Suites Hotel Argentina Avenida Callao, 930, Buenos Aires, 1023 Argentina Special rates
Cambremon Hotel Argentina Suipacha 30, Buenos Aires 1008AAB, Argentina Special rates
Carlton Hotel Argentina Libertad 1180 Buenos Aires Special rates
CasaCalma Hotel Argentina Suipacha 1015, Buenos Aires, BA, C1008AAU, Argentina USD 172.00
CasaSur Art Hotel Argentina Avenida Callao 1823, Buenos Aires, BA, C1024AAE, Argentina USD 255.00
Castelar Hotel & Spa Argentina Avenida De Mayo 1152, Buenos Aires, BA, 1085ABO, Argentina USD 108.00
Catalinas Suites Hotel Argentina StarsTucman 313, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, 1049 Argentina Special rates
Chateau Blend Hotel Argentina Jose Leon Pagano 2634, Buenos Aires, BA, 1425, Argentina USD 151.00
Claridge Hotel Argentina Tucuman 535, Buenos Aires, BA, C1049AAK, Argentina USD 122.00
Columbia Palace Hotel Argentina Corrientes 1533, Buenos Aires Downtown, Buenos Aires, Argentina Special rates
Comfort Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Viamonte 1501, Buenos Aires, BA, C1055ABC, Argentina USD 74.00
Complejo Tango Hotel Boutique Argentina Av. Belgrano 2608, Buenos Aires, BA, C1096AAQ, Argentina USD 63.00
Concord Callao By Temporary Apartments Hotel AV. CALLAO 1234 Buenos Aires Special rates
Concorde Hotel Argentina 25 De Mayo 630, Buenos Aires, 1002 Argentina Special rates
Conte Hotel Argentina Carlos Pellegrini 101, Buenos Aires, BA, , Argentina USD 133.00
Cordoba 860 Suites Hotel Argentina Av Cordoba 860, Buenos Aires, BA, 1054, Argentina USD 169.00
Craft Hotel Argentina Nicaragua 4583, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, C1414BVE Argentina Special rates
Cristal Palace Hotel Argentina Ciudad de la Paz 2550, Buenos Aires, BA, C1428CPR, Argentina USD 131.00
Cuatro Reyes Hotel Argentina Avenida Independencia 1391, Buenos Aires, BA, 1100, Argentina Special rates
D Artist Hotel Argentina Peron 850, Juan Domingo Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Da Vinci Hotel Argentina Tucuman 857, Buenos Aires, BA, C1049AAQ, Argentina Special rates
Dante Boutique Hotel Argentina Cochabamba 514, Buenos Aires, C1150AAH Argentina Special rates
Days Inn Comfort Hotel Argentina Viamonte 1501, Centro, 1055 Buenos Aires Special rates
Dazzler Camberland Hotel Argentina Panamericana (Ruta 8) Km 64.5, Pilar, BA, 1633, Argentina USD 108.00
Dazzler Flats-Quartier Basavilbaso Hotel Basavilbaso 1328, Buenos Aires, BA, 1006, Argentina USD 147.00
Dazzler Laprida Hotel Argentina Laprida 1910, Buenos Aires, BA, 1425, Argentina USD 120.00
Dazzler Libertad Hotel Argentina Libertad 902, Buenos Aires, BA, C1012AAT, Argentina USD 99.00
Dazzler Suites Arroyo Hotel Argentina Suipacha 1359, Buenos Aires, BA, C1001ACC, Argentina USD 109.00
Dazzler Suites Juncal Hotel Argentina Juncal 2985, Buenos Aires, BA, C1425AY3, Argentina USD 192.00
Dazzler Suites Recoleta Hotel Argentina junin 1743, Buenos Aires, BA, 1113, Argentina USD 141.00
Dazzler Tower Maipu Hotel Argentina Maipu 856, Buenos Aires, BA, 1006, Argentina USD 118.00
Dazzler Tower Recoleta Hotel Argentina Las Heras 2163, Buenos Aires, C1127AAD Argentina Special rates
Dazzler Tower San Martin Hotel Argentina San Martin 920, Buenos Aires, BA, C1012AAT, Argentina USD 133.00
Dazzler Tower San Telmo Hotel Argentina Piedras 303, Buenos Aires, BA, C1070AAG, Argentina USD 97.00
De las Luces Hotel Argentina Alsina 525, Buenos Aires 1087AAG, Argentina Special rates
Design Suites Buenos Aires Argentina Marcelo T de Alvear 1683, Buenos Aires, BA, C1060AAE, Argentina USD 193.00
Devoto Hotel Argentina Av. S. M. Del Carril 4958 Special rates
Dolmen Hotel Argentina Suipacha 1079, Buenos Aires, BA, 1008AAU, Argentina USD 143.00
Duomi Plaza Hotel Argentina Bartholome Mitre 1480 Special rates
Duque Hotel Boutique Argentina Guatemala 4364 Buenos Aires Special rates
Ecuador Hotel Argentina Adolfo Alsina 2820 BUENOS AIRES Special rates
Edificio Piccaluga Hotel Argentina Marcelo T. De Alvear 1563 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
El Conquistador Hotel Argentina Suipacha 948, Buenos Aires, BA, 1008, Argentina USD 103.00
Elevage Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Maipu 960, Buenos Aires, BA, C1006ACN, Argentina USD 120.00
Embajador Hotel Argentina Carlos Pellegrini 1185, Buenos Aires, BA, C1009 ABW, Argentina USD 96.00
Emperador Hotel Argentina Av. Del Libertador 420 Buenos Special rates
Espacia Suites Hotel Argentina 1135 Amenabar St., Buenos Aires, 1426 Argentina Special rates
Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina San Martin 780, Buenos Aires, BA, 1004, Argentina USD 151.00
Esplendor Palermo Hollywood Hotel Argentina Fitz Roy 2172, Buenos Aires, BA, C1425FVB, Argentina USD 141.00
Esplendor Palermo Soho Hotel Argentina Guatamala 4931, Buenos Aires, BA, C1425BUQ, Argentina USD 141.00
Etoile Hotel Argentina Pte. M. Ortiz 1835, Buenos Aires, BA, 1113, Argentina USD 176.00
Eurobuilding - Hotel Boutique Buenos Argentina Lima 187, Buenos Aires, BA, C1073AAC, Argentina Special rates
Faena Hotel and Universe Argentina Martha Salotti 445 Buenos Aires Special rates
Feirs Park Hotel Argentina Argentina Esmeralda 1366, Buenos Aires, BA, 1007, Argentina USD 123.00
Fertilia Downtown Apartament Argentina 25 de mayo 734, Buenos Aires, BA, 1002, Argentina USD 135.00
Florida Suites Hotel Argentina Florida 328 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Forcadell Apartments Libertador Hotel Argentina TUCUMAN 900 Buenos Aires Special rates
Forcadell Apartments Tucuman Hotel Argentina Tucuman, 900, Buenos Aires C1049AAR, Argentina Special rates
Four Seasons Hotel Argentina Posadas 1086, Buenos Aires, BA, C1011ABB, Argentina USD 307.00
Galerias Hotel Argentina Tucuman 651, Buenos Aires, BA, A1049AAM, Argentina USD 165.00
Golf Tower Suites and Apartments Hotel La Pampa 1117, Buenos Aires, BA, 1428, Argentina USD 101.00
Gran Hotel Buenos Aires Argentina Marcelo T de Alvear 767, Buenos Aires, BA, C1058AAI, Argentina USD 126.00
Gran Hotel De la Paix Argentina Rivadavia 1155, Buenos Aires, BA, 1033, Argentina USD 98.00
Gran Hotel Dora Argentina Maipu 963 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Gran Hotel Orly Argentina Paraguay 474, Buenos Aires, BA, 1057, Argentina USD 82.00
Grand Boulevard Hotel Argentina Bernardo De Irigoyen 432 Special rates
Grand King Hotel Argentina Lavalle 560, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, 1047 Argentina Special rates
Gurda Tango Boutique Hotel Argentina Defensa 1521, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, 1143 Argentina Special rates
Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Macacha Guemes 351, Buenos Aires, BA, C1106BKG, Argentina USD 268.00
Holiday Inn Express Puerto Madero Hotel Inversiones Alem Sa Av Leandro N. Alem 770 Puerto Madero Special rates
Hollywood Suites & Lofts 2 - Las Suites Argentina Humbolt 1945, Buenos Aires, BA, 1414, Argentina USD 140.00
Hollywood Suites & Lofts Hotel Argentina Nicaragua 5490, Buenos Aires, BA, 1414, Argentina USD 194.00
Hostel Inn Tango City Argentina Piedras 680 Buenos Aires BA Special rates
Hotel Astor Argentina Avenida Caseros 896 BUENOS AIRES Special rates
Hotel AyB Internacional Argentina Montevideo 248, Buenos Aires, 1020 Argentina Special rates
Hotel Benevento Argentina 2 Street No 645 | corner 45 and diag. 80 , La Plata 1900 , Argentina Special rates
Hotel Boca By Design Suites Argentina Tacuari 243, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, 1071 Argentina Special rates
Hotel Boutique Bonito Buenos Aires Argentina Chile 1507 3rd floor Special rates
Hotel Boutique Raco de Buenos Aires Argentina Yapeyu 271, Buenos Aires, 1202 Argentina Special rates
Hotel Boutique-Purobaires Argentina Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 4788, Palermo, C1414BED Buenos Aires Special rates
Hotel Bristol Argentina StarsCerrito 286, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, C1010AAF Argentina Special rates
Hotel Colon Argentina Carlos Pellegrini 507 Buenos Aires Special rates
Hotel Costa Rica Argentina Costa Rica 4139, Buenos Aires, 1176 Argentina Special rates
Hotel de las Americas Argentina Libertad 1020, Buenos Aires, BA, C1012AAV, Argentina USD 152.00
Hotel Dos Congresos Argentina Rivadavia 1777, Buenos Aires, Argentina Special rates
Hotel Impala Argentina Libertad 1215, Buenos Aires, BA, C1012AAY, Argentina USD 93.00
Hotel Internacional Argentina Bernardo de Irigoyen 552, Buenos Aires, 1072 Argentina Special rates
Hotel La Perla Argentina Jujuy 36, Buenos Aires, C1083AAN Argentina Special rates
Hotel Madero Buenos Aires Argentina Rosario Vera Penaloza 360 Dique 2 Puerto USD 213.00
Hotel Mundial Argentina Avenida de Mayo 1298, Buenos Aires, BA, 1085, Argentina USD 85.00
Hotel Presidente Argentina Cerrito 850, Buenos Aires, BA, C1010AAR, Argentina USD 138.00
Hotel Pulitzer Argentina Maipu 907, Buenos Aires, BA, 1006, Argentina USD 139.00
Hotel Rey Buenos Aires Argentina Combate de los Pozos 465, 1080 Buenos Aires Special rates
Hotel Salles Argentina Cerrito 208, Buenos Aires, C1010AAF Argentina Special rates
Hotel Tribeca Argentina Bartolome Mitre 1265, Buenos Aires 1036AAW, Argentina Special rates
Howard Johnson Belgrano Hotel Argentina Vuelta de obligado 2727 Special rates
Howard Johnson Congreso Hotel Argentina Bartolomé Mitre 2241, Buenos Aires, BA, C1039AAI, Argentina USD 100.00
Howard Johnson Hotel Boutique Recoleta Argentina Peña 2049, Buenos Aires, BA, C1126ABA, Argentina USD 182.00
Howard Johnson Hotel Ramallo Argentina 1055 San Lorenzo, Ramallo, 2915 Argentina Special rates
Howard Johnson Plaza Florida Hotel Argentina Florida 944, Buenos Aires, BA, C1105AAU, Argentina USD 147.00
Ibis Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Hipolito Yrigoyen 1592, Buenos Aires, 1089 Argentina Special rates
Icaro Suites Hotel Argentina Montevideo 229, Buenos Aires, BA, 1019, Argentina USD 136.00
Ilum Experience Home Hotel Argentina El Salvador 5726, Buenos Aires, 1414BQH Argentina Special rates
Imperial Park Hotel Argentina Lima 101, Buenos Aires, BA, C1073AAC, Argentina USD 154.00
InterContinental Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina 809 Moreno Street, Buenos Aires, 1744 Argentina Special rates
Intersur Recoleta Hotel Argentina Avenida Callao 1764, Buenos Aires, BA, 1024, Argentina Special rates
Intersur Suites Hotel Argentina Av. Corrientes 1984 Buenos Aires Special rates
Iq Callao By Temporary Apartments Hotel Argentina Pacheco de Melo, 1857, Buenos Aires, 1126 Argentina Special rates
Jam Suites Boutique Hotel Argentina Malabia 1442 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Kenton Palace Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Defensa 383, Caba, Buenos Aires, 1065 Argentina Special rates
Ker Hotel Belgrano Apart & Spa Argentina Vuelta De Obligado 2727, Buenos Aires, BA, 00001, Argentina USD 114.00
Ker Recoleta Hotel & Spa Argentina Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear 1368, Buenos Aires, BA, 1058, Argentina USD 139.00
Ker Urquiza Hotel & Suites Argentina Diaz Colodrero 2513, Buenos Aires, BA, C1421BZC, Argentina USD 64.00
Kings Hotel Argentina Av. Corrientes 623, Buenos Aires, BA, C1043AAG, Argentina USD 63.00
Krista Hotel Boutique Argentina Bonpland 1665, Buenos Aires, BA, C1414CMT, Argentina USD 200.00
L Hotel Palermo Argentina StarsThames 1562, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal Argentina Special rates
La Cayetana Hotel Argentina Mexico 1330 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
La Fresque Hotel Argentina Av de Mayo 984 Special rates
Lafayette Hotel Argentina Reconquista 546, Buenos Aires, BA, 1043, Argentina USD 203.00
Las Naciones Hotel Suites & Towers Argentina Avd. Corrientes 818 Special rates
Le Vitral Baires Hotel Argentina Ayacucho 277, Buenos Aires, BA, 1425, Argentina USD 97.00
Lecer Apart Hotel Argentina Juan Domingo Perón 4301, Buenos Aires, C1199 Argentina Special rates
Legado Mitico Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Gurruchaga 1848, Buenos Aires, 1414 Argentina Special rates
Lennox Hotel Buenos Aires Argentina Talcahuano 52, Buenos Aires, BA USD 135.00
Liberty Hotel Argentina Avenida Corrientes 632 Special rates
Livian Guest House Hotel Argentina Palestina 1184, Buenos Aires, BA, 1182 USD 180.00
Livin Residence Apart Hotel Argentina Viamonte 1815, C1056ABA Buenos Aires Special rates
Loft & Arte Apart Hotel Boutique Argentina Hipolito Yrigoyen 1194, Buenos Aires 1086 Special rates
Loi Suites Arenales Hotel Argentina Arenales 855, Buenos Aires, BA, 1061 USD 133.00
Loi Suites Esmeralda Hotel Argentina Marcelo T. de Alvear 842, Buenos Aires USD 102.00
Loi Suites Recoleta Hotel Argentina Vicente Lopez 1955, Buenos Aires, BA USD 213.00
Lola House Hotel Boutique Argentina Castro Barros 1073 Buenos Aires Special rates
Lugabe 2 Hotel Argentina Lavalle 2165 Special rates
Lugabe Apartments Hotel Argentina Lavalle 2165 Special rates
Lynns Hotel Boutique Argentina Costa Rica 4752 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Mansion Dandi Royal Boutique Hotel Argentina Piedras 922/936, Buenos Aires, BA USD 78.00
Mansion Vitraux Hotel Argentina Carlos Calvo 369, Buenos Aires, BA, 1102 USD 144.00
Marriott Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires Argentina Florida 1005, Buenos Aires, BA USD 192.00
Marseille Des Anges Hotel Argentina Arenales 1392/4 Buenos Aires Special rates
Mayflower Suites Hotel Argentina Parana 720, Buenos Aires, BA, C1017AAP USD 69.00
Melia Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Reconquista 945, Buenos Aires, BA USD 164.00
Melia Recoleta Plaza Boutique Hotel Argentina Posadas 1557, Buenos Aires, BA USD 211.00
Microtel Inn & Suites Aeroparque Hotel Argentina Avda Costanera Rafael Obilgado Special rates
Milan Hotel Argentina Montevideo 337 Special rates
Mine Hotel Boutique Argentina Gorriti 4770, Buenos Aires, 1414 Argentina Special rates
Mio Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina AV. QUINTANA 465 Buenos Aires Special rates
Monarca Hoteles Argentina 25 de Mayo 724, Buenos Aires, BA, 1002 USD 96.00
Monserrat Apart Hotel Argentina SALTA 560 Buenos Aires Special rates
Moreno Hotel Buenos Aires Argentina Moreno 376, Buenos Aires, C1091AAH Special rates
Napoleon Hotel Argentina Rivadavia 1364, Buenos Aires, BA, 1033 USD 115.00
NH 9 de Julio Hotel Argentina Cerrito 156, Buenos Aires, BA, C1010AAD, Argentina USD 146.00
NH City & Towers Hotel Argentina Bolivar 160, Buenos Aires, BA, C1066AAD, Argentina USD 121.00
NH Crillon Hotel Argentina Avenida Santa Fe 796, Buenos Aires, BA, 1059ABO, Argentina USD 130.00
NH Florida Hotel Argentina San Martin 839, Buenos Aires, BA, C1004AAQ, Argentina USD 130.00
NH Jousten Hotel Argentina Avda. Corrientes 240, Buenos Aires, BA, C1043AAP, Argentina USD 146.00
NH Lancaster Hotel Argentina Av. Cordoba 405, Buenos Aires, BA USD 140.00
NH Latino Hotel Argentina Suipacha 309, Buenos Aires, BA USD 129.00
NH Tango Hotel Argentina Cerrito 550, Buenos Aires, BA, C1010AAL USD 162.00
Noster Bayres Hotel Argentina Av. brasil 459 Special rates
Novotel Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Avenida Corrientes 1334 Special rates
Nunez Suites Hotel Argentina Nuñez 2129 Buenos Aires BA Special rates
Nuss Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina El Salvador 4916, Buenos Aires Special rates
Obelisco Center Suites Hotel Argentina Av. Pte. Roque Saenz Peña 991 USD 160.00
Olmo Dorado Hotel Argentina Venezuela 2495, Buenos Aires, BA, 1069 USD 76.00
Onze Boutique Hotel Argentina Ecuador 1644 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Own Palermo Hollywood Hotel Argentina Jose A Cabrera 5556, Buenos Aires USD 181.00
Palermitano Hotel Argentina 1648 Uriarte Street, Palermo Soho Special rates
Palermo Place Hotel Argentina Nicaragua 5865, Buenos Aires Special rates
Palermo Suites Buenos Aires Apartments Fray J Sta. Maria de Oro 2529 USD 217.00
Pampa Plaza Hotel Argentina La Pampa 777 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Panamericano Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Carlos Pellegrini 551, Buenos Aires, BA USD 155.00
Park Elegance Unique Hotel Argentina Av Pueyrredon 1940, Buenos Aires Special rates
Park Plaza Unique Hotel Argentina Parera 183 Buenos Aires C1014abc Special rates
Patios de San Telmo Hotel Argentina CHACABUCO 752 Buenos Aires Special rates
Pestana Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Av. Carlos Pellegrini 877, Buenos Aires USD 144.00
Piccaluga Apartments Hotel Argentina Marcelo T. Alvear 1563 Special rates
Plaza Francia Hotel Argentina East Schiaffino 2189 Special rates
Plaza San Martin Suites Hotel Argentina Suipacha 1092, Buenos Aires, BA USD 131.00
Polo Suites by Hollywood Hotel Argentina Segui 4708, Buenos Aires, BA, 1425 USD 154.00
Pop Hotel Argentina Juan R. de Velasco 793 Special rates
Posta Carretas Hotel Argentina Esmeralda 726, Buenos Aires, BA USD 120.00
Posta de Piedras Hotel Argentina Piedras 906, San Telmo, San Telmo - La Special rates
Promenade Hotel Argentina Marcelo T. de Alvear 444 Special rates
Purobaires Hotel Boutique Argentina Niceto Vega 4788, Buenos Aires, BA, 1414 USD 218.00
Ramada Hotel Argentina San Martin 450, Buenos Aires, B1638BOO Special rates
Reconquista Garden Hotel Argentina Esmeralda 675, Buenos Aires, 1007 Special rates
Reconquista Luxor Hotel Argentina Ave roque saenz pena 890 Special rates
Reconquista Plaza Hotel Argentina Reconquista 602, Buenos Aires, BA USD 72.00
Regal Pacific Hotel Argentina 25 De Mayo, 764, Buenos Aires, BPN1002 Special rates
Regente Palace Hotel Argentina Suipacha 964, Buenos Aires, BA USD 137.00
Regis Hotel Argentina Lavalle 813 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Reino Del Plata Hotel Boutique Argentina Hipolito Yrigoyen 647, Buenos Aires, BA USD 112.00
Republica Hotel Argentina Cerrito 370, Buenos Aires, 1010 Argentina Special rates
Ribera Sur Hotel Argentina Paseo Colon 1145, Buenos Aires, BA USD 89.00
River Hotel Argentina Montevideo 86 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Rochester Classic Hotel Argentina Esmeralda 542, Buenos Aires, BA USD 55.00
Rochester Concept Hotel Argentina Maipu 572, Buenos Aires, BA, C1006ACF USD 59.00
Rochester M Hotel Argentina Esmeralda 556 Special rates
Room Mate Carlos Hotel Argentina Av.9 de Julio esq. Alsina 1112 Special rates
Rooneys Boutique Hotel Argentina Sarmiento 1775 Buenos Aires Special rates
Sagardi Loft Osteria Hotel Argentina Humberto Primo, 319-333, Buenos Aires Special rates
San Antonio Hotel Argentina Paraguay 372 Special rates
San Remo City Hotel Argentina Talcahuano N24 Esq. Rivadavia USD 116.00
Sarmiento Palace Hotel Argentina Sarmiento 1953, Buenos Aires, BA, 1044 USD 110.00
Sarmiento Suites Hotel Argentina SARMIENTO 674 Buenos Aires Special rates
Sarum Hotel Argentina Quesada 2370, Buenos Aires, 1429 Special rates
Savoy Hotel Argentina Av Callao 181, Buenos Aires, BA, 1022 USD 157.00
Scala Hotel Argentina Bernardo de irigoyen 740 Special rates
Serena Hotel Buenos Aires Argentina Libertad 1617, Buenos Aires, 1016 Special rates
SF Suites Hotel Argentina SANTA FE 1188 Buenos Aires Special rates
Sheltown Hotel Argentina Marcelo T. De Alvear 742, Buenos Aires USD 100.00
Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center San Martin / 1225 1275, Buenos Aires Special rates
Sheraton Libertador Hotel Argentina Avenida Cordoba 690, Buenos Aires, BA USD 238.00
Sheraton Park Tower Buenos Aires Hotel Av. leandro n. alem 1193 Special rates
Soco Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina Lavalle 3119, Buenos Aires, 01190 Special rates
Sofitel Buenos Aires Arroyo Hotel Argentina Arroyo 841, Buenos Aires, BA, C1007AAB USD 357.00
Soho All Suites Hotel Argentina Honduras 4762, Buenos Aires, BA USD 234.00
Sudamerika Hostel & Suites Centro Argentina Hipolito Yrigoyen 951, Buenos Aires, BA USD 88.00
Sudamerika Hostel & Suites Recoleta Argentina Jose Evaristo Uriburu 1287, Buenos Aires Special rates
Suipacha Suites Hotel Argentina Suipacha 1235, Buenos Aires, BA USD 98.00
Super Resort Buenos Aires Argentina Tte. Juan D. Peron 940, Buenos Aires Special rates
Sures Belgrano Suites Hotel Argentina Ciudad De La Paz 2969, Buenos Aires, BA USD 138.00
Synergie Hotel Boutique Argentina Malabia 1568 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
Tailor Made Hotel Argentina Arce 385 | Palermo, Buenos Aires 1426 Special rates
Tanguero Hotel Boutique Argentina Suipacha 780 BUENOS AIRES Special rates
Telmho Hotel Boutique Argentina Defensa 1086 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Special rates
The Glu Hotel Boutique Argentina Godoy Cruz 1733, Buenos Aires, 1414 Special rates
The Migueletes Plaza Hotel Argentina MIGUELETES, BELGRANO 1245 Special rates
The Ritz By Hostel Inn Hotel Argentina Av de mayo 1111 Monserrat Buenos Aires Special rates
Torre Cristoforo Colombo Suite Hotel Argentina Fray Justo Santa Maria De Oro 2747 Special rates
Torrecillas Soho Hotel Argentina Godoy Cruz 1655 Buenos Aires Special rates
Tribeca Studios Hotel Argentina Bartolome Mitre 4284, Buenos Aires, BA USD 94.00
Tritone Hotel Argentina Maipu 657, Buenos Aires, BA, C1006AGC USD 95.00
Tryp Buenos Aires Hotel Argentina San Martin 474, Buenos Aires, BA USD 143.00
Ulises Recoleta Suites Hotel Argentina Ayacucho 2016, Buenos Aires, 1112 Special rates
Ultra Hotel Argentina Gorriti 4929 Buenos Aires Special rates
Unique Art Elegance Hotel Argentina Pueyrredon 1940, Buenos Aires, BA USD 135.00
Unique Art Madero Hotel Argentina Chile 80 - Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires USD 92.00
Unique Executive Central Hotel Argentina Diagonal Roque Saenz Pena 1174 USD 91.00
Unique Executive Chateau Hotel Argentina Talcahuano 1253, Buenos Aires, BA, 1201 USD 87.00
Urban Suites Recoleta Boutique Hotel Argentina Junin 1727, Buenos Aires, BA, 1113 USD 220.00
Urbanica Suites Hotel Argentina Montaneses 2585, Buenos Aires, BA, 1428 USD 249.00
Vain Boutique Hotel Argentina Thames 2226, Buenos Aires, BA, 1425 USD 241.00
Viamonte Buenos Aires Apart Hotel Argentina Viamonte 1373, Buenos Aires, BA USD 118.00
Viasui Hotel Argentina Viamonte 960, Buenos Aires, BA Special rates
Vista Sol Buenos Aires Hotel Design Argentina Tucuman 451, Buenos Aires, 1049 Special rates
Vitrum Hotel Argentina Gorriti 5641, Palermo, 1414 Buenos Aires Special rates
Waldorf Hotel Argentina Paraguay 450, Buenos Aires, BA, 1057 USD 93.00
Zen Suite Hotel Argentina Ayacucho, 55, C1025AAA Buenos Aires Special rates
Zentra Hotel Argentina Tucuman 2057, Buenos Aires, BA Special rates
Zorzal Mane Hotel Argentina Humberto Primo 775 Special rates

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