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Corail Noir Hotel Nosy Be Madagascar

BP 501 Ambaro Dzamandzar NOSY BE, Madagascar

Corail Noir Hotel Nosy Be Madagascar, Located in the mid-western area of the island of NosyBe (Nosy=Island - Be=Great) popularly known as the Great Island because it is surrounded by several smaller islands, true exquisite examples of natural terrestrial and marine beauty. Nosy Be is a volcanic island situated on the north-western cape of Madagascar, washed by the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel. The Corail Noir Hotel is located at about 19 miles from the International Airport of Fasene (NosyBe) and about 12 miles from the main town of Hell Ville. Two roads lead to the airport : the North road, from which one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the bay of NosyBe and the surrounding islands, and the South road, which crosses villages and cultivated fields along with plantations of cashew nuts and Ylang Ylang; the bird's-eye view from the small island of NosyTanyKely will be a postcard vacation souvenir that you will remember forever.

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The rooms are included in a group of three rooms with a view on the garden, with common terrace but with private entrance. Every room is equipped with private bathroom and all comforts and can accommodate up to 2 people.

These rooms are situated inside two buildings and have private entrance with view over the sea and the garden. Six rooms are on the first floor with private terrace overlooking the ocean or the garden and are equipped with chaise lounge and table. Room service can be requested for special occasions. Every room has private bathroom, air conditioning, fan, fridge-bar, TV, Telephone, hair dryer and strongbox. Each room can accommodate up to three people.

The bungalows are located in the garden and have the view over the garden and over the sea. Two bungalows have a direct view over the sea. All bungalows have a private terrace equipped with a chaise lounge, coffee table and dinner table with chairs. Room service can be requested for special occasions. Each bungalow has a private bathroom, air conditioning, fan, fridge-bar, TV, telephone, hair-dryer and strongbox. Can accommodate up to three people. Only one bungalow can accommodate up to four people.

SENIOR SUITE The Senior Suites are located in the garden with view over the sea and the garden The Senior Suites are on two floors. On the first floor there's a living room with two sofas that can be turned into beds, a bathroom with double washbasin, TV, strongbox, Air Conditioning, Fan, Fridge-bar. On the mezzanine there's a double bedroom, a single bedroom, bathroom with double washbasin, TV, strongbox, air conditioning, fan, fridge-bar, telephone. The terrace, which offers a breathtaking view over the Lagoon of Sakatia, is equipped with chaise-lounge, table and chairs. Room service can be requested. A private beach and bathroom with Jacuzzi complete the especially refined furnishings of the Senior Suites.
The western coast of Madagascar and of the island of NosyBe are influenced by the tidal waves, rising and ebbing every six hours, with a high/ebb variation of about 50 minutes a day. The beach fronting the Corail Noir Hotel is therefore present or absent depending on the time of the day but the beach on the South of the Corail Noir Hotel, equipped with beach umbrellas and beach sunbeds, is available to sun lovers and for simple leisure from sunrise to sunset. At night the beach is not lit.

The tidal wave movement, far from being a nuisance, gives our guests the opportunity to admire a change of landscape twice a day. At ebb tide you will be able to stroll along the water's edge releasing the starfish blocked in the sand by the low tide, or watch the women fishing while launching their fishing nets into the water far from the shore. Don't forget to wear rubber shoes for protection.

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